Large protest in Letterkenny

Added: 08-12-2012 16:26:10

Several hundred protestors attended a rally in Letterkenny this afternoon, which urged people to withhold payment of the new Property Tax.

The assembled crowd was one of the biggest turnouts yet for such a protest – a natural development given that the 2013 Budget, revealed on Wednesday, contained many controversial measures.

The protestors marched from the Station Roundabout up to Market Square where several speakers addressed them. One of them was Francis McCafferty from the Can’t Pay Won’t Pay campaign.

He said the campaign against the Household Charge had been a success, because it had been “gotten rid of” and because no one had been taken to court over it yet. But he urged people to continue to protest the Property Tax and water charges.

A number of red flags were available in the Market Square with those not planning to pay the tax told to hang them from their doors. Among the crowd was a group from North Leitrim who had travelled for the event. Signs held aloft included ones saying “They can’t arrest us all” and “Donegal says no to heartless Noonan”.

Donegal South-West TD Thomas Pringle spoke last and complimented the campaign in the county so far. He said the Donegal campaign against household charges was not about saying no to everything, but was about “fairness and equality”.

He said – “This Government is passing budgets that punish people when it’s not their fault”.

Deputy Pringle said that Sinn Fein and Fianna Fáil were now beginning to seriously object to household taxes as brought in by the Government, and he urged both parties to make non-payment of the tax party policy.

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