Rehman wouldn't deny murder to partner

Added: 10-10-2012 09:10:19

One of the men accused of killing William McKeeney wouldn’t deny the killing when questioned by his partner.

Asif Rehman (20) and Adel Ishaq (19) are accused of the racially aggravated killing of the popular Inishowen man and of showing previous malice and ill-will towards him.

Asif Rehman’s partner, 24-year-old Charlene Milloy, told the High Court in Kilmarnock that she attempted to make Mr Rehman swear on the grave of their late son that he had no involvement in the killing. The court heard that the accused made no reply, and simply shrugged his shoulders in response to Ms Milloy’s question.

Milloy also told the court that she was aware that the authorities were searching for the pair when they came to her house three days after the crime was committed.

Meanwhile, Ishaq’s cousin Omar Bhatti, admitted to the court that Ishaq told him he had been involved in the killing and that the pair had burnt their clothes in a backstreet to dispose of any evidence.

The jury in the trial were yesterday told of the horrific injuries inflicted on the Malin Head labourer.

Pathologist Dr Julie McAdam told the High Court in Kilmarnock yesterday that Mr McKeeney suffered 15 injuries to the head, some of which were so severe footprints were left on the 57-year-old’s skin, and said the injuries he suffered were normally more associated with a car crash.

She said she had never come across the type of severe trauma that killed Mr McKeeney from massive internal bleeding.

William, from Malin Head, was severely injured in an attack near his home in the Pollokshields area of the city on January 15 and later died of his injuries in hospital.

The pair deny that they were involved in the murder and have entered special defenses of incrimination, each blaming the other for the killing.

The trial continues.

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