with Jacquie Knox

The Animals In Need (AIN) volunteers were called out to a number of emergency rescues involving injured cats this week, including 2 unneutered male cats who were injured in separate incidents due to fighting.  A sick, unneutered tom was also found in a bad state and a fourth cat was involved in a road accident.

This once again highlights the importance of neutering male cats as well as female cats, as much of the anti-social behaviour such as fighting, howling, roaming and spraying is eliminated, or at least greatly reduced, once a male cat is neutered.

On top of these emergencies, foster cat Amelia had a trip to the vets.

Amelia was rescued back in March after she was run over not once, but twice.  She had been taken to the vets to be put down but instead AIN took her in and she was placed in foster care.

Her leg was too badly damaged to be saved and had to be amputated which was followed by 6 weeks' cage rest as she also had a fractured pelvis.

Last week her fosterer noticed that her stomach was swollen and a vet examination confirmed that she was pregnant.

However, due to the injuries to her pelvis, Amelia could not give birth naturally and would require a caesarean section when she went into labour.

Two days later, Amelia showed signs of being about to give birth and duly underwent a caeserean at the vets but sadly all her kittens were stillborn.

Thankfully Amelia has recovered well from her latest operation and is now back at her foster home to recuperate until she is fit enough to be found a special home.

Amelia needed a caesarean Amelia the cat needed a caesarean

AIN currently has dozens of tiny kittens who are too young to be homed as yet.  Their details will be posted on AIN's Facebook page when they are ready for adoption.

Three friendly adult cats are seeking new homes as their owner is unable to care for them due to health issues.  The cats are currently in Bundoran and would make a great addition to any home.  If you could offer any of these cats a home, please contact the cat helpline.

There was a heartbreaking outcome for Emily, an elderly collie dog who was found soaking wet and abandoned at the roadside next to a river by a passerby on Monday of last week.

This lovely old collie was around 15 years old and was almost blind, was very weak and emaciated and staggered when she tried to walk.

Emily was rushed to the vets and an AIN fosterer planned to offer her a retirement home for the rest of her days but sadly it was not to be and Emily passed away despite everyone's best efforts.

The only consolation is that she was warm and comfortable in the end and knew kindness in her final days after a life where warmth was most likely in short supply.

The AIN dog rescuers saved several more dogs from the Letterkenny Pound this week and took in a number of dogs surrendered by their owners, among them several ex-racing greyhounds.

There was good news for foster dog Molly, who was adopted by a lovely couple recently and has settled in well at her new home.

There is also encouraging progress for foster kitten Bonita, who was found with such a severe eye infection that her eyelids had fused closed and she was completely blind.

Animals in Need Donegal Now Bonita's sore eyes have opened

After weeks of treatment by her dedicated fosterer, Bonita's eyes have finally opened.  The eyes are still opaque and she cannot see as yet, but she is reacting to light and it is hoped that with continued treatment her sight will at least partially return.

Finally a huge thank you to Gary's Pet World in Letterkenny for their generous donation of pet food, which is most appreciated by the charity and the hungry foster animals.

Animals in Need Donegal Molly has been adopted

To help AIN’s animals, please donate €2 to AIN’s ‘Help Us To Help Them’ fundraising appeal via your phone by texting the word ‘KITTEN’ to 50300. Every last cent goes directly to the rescued animals for their food, bedding, vet bills, worming treatment and vaccinations.

For further information on adoption, fostering, volunteering etc, please contact the main helpline on 087 1356188. For cat/kitten enquiries please call 087 7644420. Animals In Need Donegal is also on Facebook and has a website at http://www.animalsinneeddonegal.com.

If you have a story or want to send a photo or video to us please contact the Donegal Now editorial team. Between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday please call 074 9112712. Between 5pm and midnight please call or text 086 792 2103. Or you can email [email protected] at any time.