The search is on to track down a Chinese couple who travelled from Shanghai to Glencolmcille by car.

Self-styled 'Two Lunatics' from the East China Sea Han and Luna Jin Li left their Shanghai home on September 12th in their new Mini Cooper and headed for the Mongolian border.

Their journey took them through cities in Russia including Tomsk and Novosibirsk before finally landing at Moscow, where they encountered snow for the first time.

All the while updating their Instagram @twolunatics with pictures of their travels, they eventually headed northwards into Scnadinaviaand towards the Arctic Circle to visit Inari before they relaxed in Stockholm.

They then took in Oslo, where they visited Bergen, Stavenger before heading down to Copenhagen in Denmark where they met the Little Mermaid.

When they reached central Europe, the highlights included Berlin, Cologne and Amsterdam, along with the iconic windmills in Rotterdam.

Up next was the car ferry to England for a quick stop in Oxford, before crossing the Irish Sea at Holyhead before finally hitting Dublin.

Finally, they were within reach of the Wild Atlantic Way of their dreams.

A tussle with Storm Desmond left their Mini Cooper a little the worse for the wear, but when they reached the Aras Ghleann Colm Cille car park, Han and Luna had reached their destination.

“We have people from all over the world coming to stay with us, so a Chinese couple showing up in December is nothing new. It was only later when I went outside and noticed the car registration plate, that I realized they had actually driven all the way from Shanghai to Donegal! I was amazed," said Paul O'Hare who manages the hotel.

"The funny thing is, they were equally amazed by the beauty of the Glencolmcille, Malin More and Malin Beg area. They loved the coastline and the culture here.”

Glencolmcille was their final destination on their westward journey, and after a few days spent taking in the Slieve League Cliffs, Malin More and Malin Beg, they took to the road again, this time to take in the sights of Southern Europe.

However, it is around this time the two disappeared off social media.

"One of the last updates from the Two Lunatics social media, documents a harmless slide into a ditch near Doonbeg Golf Club. Thankfully Han and Luna were completely uninjured, and received some great assistance from the locals. But it appears that the Mini Cooper took a little collateral damage," said Roger Holmes of The Paris Method, who has been tracking the story.

The question is whether Han and Luna have travelled home, or are they still in Ireland?

Moore and Paul O'Hare are hoping to get more information from anyone who may have seen or met the couple in their Mini Cooper with Chinese registration plate.

Here's hoping we can get them on the road again and on the way back on the 16,558 kilometer trip to China!

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