Over 30 of Donegal’s Early Educators attended an LGBTI Awareness Training event recently.

Donegal County Childcare is delighted with the turnout, which is a testament to the continued commitment of Donegal’s Early Educators to create a preschool environment which is fully inclusive for the benefit of all children, parents and families.

This training was presented by Sinead Murray-Lynch who is the Breakout Co-ordinator for Donegal Youth Service and LGBTI Activist.

Sinead stated: “I am so proud to see that Donegal is at the forefront of promoting awareness for LGBTI young people yet again, by providing the first training in Ireland for early childhood educators.”

DCCC highlighted: “Every preschool is made up of children from a diverse range of backgrounds and family types and each child needs to feel that they belong, are respected and valued to ensure that they can flourish to the best of their abilities. For many children, preschool is when children usually first encounter their wider community.

This can bring lots of new learning experiences which can be extremely positive, or potentially challenging if not provided in a positive or appropriate manner.

The provision of LGBTI training will ensure that young LGBTI people and their families feel welcomed and accepted into the education system from the first point of contact”.

The early childhood educators who took part welcomed this training with some commenting: “It was shockingly surprising that only 20% of school going children feel that they belong. That is just heart-breaking. The ‘In your shoes’ section had me moved to tears – literally.

It really brought home how it feels for LGBT people to live life if they feel they have to conform to society. More people need to put themselves into their shoes to really appreciate what it is like and how hard it can be”.

“This training has raised awareness and given me the confidence to address what is right”.

“Very relevant for inclusion and for all families to feel that they belong in all aspects of Early Years Services”.

Donegal’s early childhood educators have always shown a high level of interest in training and their dedication to improve and expand their knowledge and skills in all areas will benefit generations of children for years to come.

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