Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in Ireland!

65% of men and 48% of women have no symptoms prior to their first heart attack.

60% of those having a heart attack have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol.

Are you at risk?

Find out by taking the Dummies Guide to Cardiohealth quiz!

  • Are you a smoker?                                                                 Score 2
  • Are you an ex smoker?                                                         Score 1
  • Family history of Heart Disease?                                         Score 2
  • Are you a diabetic?                                                                 Score 2
  • Family history of Diabetes?                                                   Score 1
  • Do you have high Blood Pressure?                                     Score 2
  • Do you eat a diet full of sugar, grains and starch foods? Score 2
  • Are you overweight or obese?                                             Score 2
  • Do you eat fast food more than twice weekly?                 Score 2
  • Have you returned to exercise after a long time?             Score 2


    If you score more than 10 you should definitely get tested!

    If you score between 4 and 10 you should probably get tested!

    However, even if you score less than 4, you may still be at risk and you should give yourself an MOT!

    Cardiohealth(NI) uses state of the art arteriography testing to assess the health of your arteries!

    We provide cutting edge advice on nutrition and supplements that can help Prevent/Reverse heart disease.

    Next Clinic: HSweeny Chemist, Quayside, Derry - Tuesday, April 10. Book now! Limited spaces available! 30 minutes consultation only £50.

    To make an appointment call HSweeny Chemists Tel: 028 7126 2250.

    For further information call David McCollum Tel: 07942 818538.

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