By Gemma Rodgers

Television personality Lorraine Keane is to host a Masterclass on all things style in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana this October.

The renowned TV personality has taking her Keane On Style show on the road this year and will travel throughout Ireland.

The event includes a fashion show, hair, make up and skincare demonstrations and a talk on styling done by Lorraine. Goodie bags will be handed out on the night along with spot prizes.

Lorraine, who is best known from her past work on Xpose, chatted to Inish Times to discuss where her inspiration for her Masterclasses started.

“Over the past few years I’ve had women asking me when I am out and about what tips I could give them when it comes to styling.

“My social media sites have also been inundated with questions about fashion, skin care, make up and hair. It got me thinking that I really took for granted all the help I’ve had over the past 20 years while presenting on television. I’ve had all these experts help me get ready when the everyday women had to figure it out for themselves,” she said.

With women spending a lot of money and time on cosmetics and clothes, Lorraine decided to host Masterclasses with the sole purpose of informing women across Ireland using the simplest and most cost effective ways to achieve the look they want.

“I have some great people working with me. The skincare specialist is Peggy Stringer, who is actually from Donegal. She goes through age groups so she will have the 20-year-old skin regime, 30-year-old and so on, all the way up to 60 or 70.

“I think this is important because there are so many magazines feeding us these ‘best products’ and they cost a fortune to buy and then maybe wont work. Peggy is great also because she isn’t there to push a certain brand. She just does her job,” she added.

Lorraine, who has two daughters Emelia and Romy, joked that she has created a mini fashion monster in her youngest daughter Romy.

“She is so funny, she wants to inherit my shoe collection and is starting to worry incase her feet get too big for them. She is always trying to get me to try on clothes that she likes when we are out shopping because she knows someday she will get to wear them.”

Although her youngest daughter is following in her mothers fashionable footsteps, Lorraine said that her eldest daughter Emelia isn’t as keen when it comes to fashion.

“Emelia is happiest when she is wearing a pair of leggings and Nikes. She will dress up when I ask her though if we have to go out,” she said.

The stylish beauty maintains that the best piece of advice she can offer to women is to always know your shape and be confident.

“I think it’s important for women to have information readily available to them when it comes to makeup, skincare, hair and fashion. A lot of people give out about the pressure that advertising and men put on women but I think that’s not necessarily true.

“Women put pressure on other women too, in fact they can be worse. The pressure isn’t going anywhere soon so I think learning a few tips and tricks that will give women more confidence is brilliant,” added Lorraine.

The Keane on Style Masterclass will take place at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel on October 28. Tickets cost €75 and can be found on:

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