‘I Saw the Light’ is a well-known country and western song about conversion – how a person’s life has changed when he saw they error of his ways.

Maybe I’m being cynical but I am not convinced about these recent journeys, firstly by Enda Kenny on same sex marriage and now Micheal Martin and Leo Varadkar on abortion – all having Damascus conversions from darkness to light; a bit too contrived for my liking.

It seems to me more like political opportunism, waiting to see were public opinion seems to be heading and trying to keep ahead of it. Policy devised on the hoof. ‘Let me see where people are going and I’ll lead them there’.

Sadly so many unborn children will never get that chance to see the light.

Getting out the older vote on the day will be important but may be more difficult because they may sense that their beliefs may not really matter. Abortion touches a nerve that the same-sex referendum didn’t reach so that recent referendum is not a good guide on how people will vote.

Why not join in the Pro Life Rally in Dublin on March 10? Coaches will be travelling from towns all across Northern Ireland. For further details please contact the Rally for Life Committee on 90278484 or click on www.rallyforlife.net

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