Mark Wickham, runs a successful photographic and shop business in Donegal Town. And it now emerged that his passions for the camera lens is being inherited by his 9-year-old son, Tom Wickham. Dad gave a bit of help, but the 'main man' with the idea and plan was young Tom.
Mark told the Donegal Post:
"Myself and my nature loving son had set up our "trail camera" in Murvagh woods to see what we could see. A trail camera is a small weatherproof hidden camera that can be left out for a long period of time. Anything that moves in front of the camera day or night the camera will trigger the infrared sensor and record a photo.

This frame captured the hard to photo Pinemartens after dark

"On 2 previous occasions we had left the camera out for a number of weeks but our secret camera yielded no results. But undeterred by previous failures 3 weeks ago we left the camera out again this time it was my son Tom who chose the location for the camera and peanuts to see what we could tempt out.
"When we checked back at the location after the first week there was no disturbance with the nuts and again the same after the second week, However perseverance paid off when we checked the location on the 3rd week we notice the peanuts were nearly gone!"
At this stage the tension was mounting to see if they had struck success. Excited they brought the camera home and checked the results. And, as Mark said delighted:
"We couldn't believe our luck a pair of Pine martins having a feast at various times of morning and night as the pictures show this very secretive animal."
What a wonderful story and let's hope it's the start of many more adventures for young Tom and dad Mark. It may also give an idea or two to other Donegal Dads, to get out with their sons and daughters to learn more of the great joys of mother nature, right on our Donegal doorstep.

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