It could be argued that the Thatch in Belleek is the best well known building after the famous Belleek Pottery factory. And it’s just had a new facelift!

You cannot go through the village without casting your eye on a piece of fine historical  architecture that dates back almost 200 years. 

Although the thatch on the building has been changed many times over that period, fundamental aspects to the building, like the rafters are all original. 

In recent weeks, it has received a new roof, reflecting the same methods which have been handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

It needs to be changed every ten to fifteen years and apart from the vagaries of the weather, it is also a popular nesting area for Belleek’s blackbirds and crows, who can be both a blessing and challenge, in terms of its preservations and repair.  

The current owner, Peter Clarke is very proud of the quaint little café that has been serving locals for generations in one form or another.

Home baking

Peter’s daughter Jeanne and wife Maureen do the cooking and home baking for the quaint little cafe that has been serving locals for generations in one form or another.

His family took it over twenty years ago, but as far back as the 40’s and 50’s when it was ownded by he Thornhill family, it was a hub of activity on cattle and fair days.

Peter said that the cottage was at one stage a little reception area for the family cottage business that they have out the back of the Thatch and the popular fishing tackle shop.  

At the back of the cottage is the reception for the family run holiday cottage business, and Peter’ss brother in law has his very popular fishing tackle shop. His son in law Gavin also has an office for his Camper Van hire business.

And when we have all passed on, no doubt they will still betalking about the Thatch in Belleek in anotrher 100 years time.  


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