A One Big Switch survey of over 13,000 registrants has shown that the current Health Insurance affordability crisis could become far worse if premiums continue to rise.

Data collected from the Big Health Insurance Switch campaign has found that: 5 out of 7 registrants from Donegal are current Health Insurance policyholders but 50% of those policyholders are considering giving up their Health Insurance.

Recent data of all registrant policyholders found that 1 in 3 would give up their cover if premiums rose by as little as 1 to 10%. If 1 in 3 policyholders in Ireland dropped their cover, that would result in over 660,000 more people without cover.

This would add huge strain to an already struggling market that has lost over 280,000 people since the market’s peak in 2008, which a recent HIA survey found that 2 in 3 of those that dropped their cover, did so they thought their cover was either too expensive, or they couldnt afford it. 

“While it’s great to have so many people from Donegal registered for the campaign, it’s alarming to see that so many people are considering dropping their cover

“The best way to keep these people and bring others in, is to make the cost of cover more affordable. Donegal residents’ best chance at that is to join the Big Health Insurance Switch.” Said One Big Switch Director of Campaigns Sarah Ryan.

The Big Health Insurance Switch is a people power campaign aimed at unlocking more affordable health insurance offers and increasing competition in the Irish Health Insurance Market.

One Big Switch will use the collective buying power of its members to negotiate an offer from Health Insurers, which will then be presented to them.

Joining OneBigSwitch.ie is cost and obligation free. If the unlocked doesn’t suit a member, they don’t have to take it up. Donegal residents can join the people power movement at OneBigSwitch.ie

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