Campaigners at the Save the Eighth group fear that a Supreme Court ruling could lead to the complete abolition of "all constitutional rights of unborn children".

A spokesman for the anti-abortion group said: "The court found that the only constitutional protection which exists for unborn children is the right to life [that is] contained in the Eighth Amendment and that no other inherent constitutional rights exist in the constitution."

Campaigners like Donegal's Tim Jackson are urging voters not to support abortion. 

Anti-abortion activist Katie Ascough recently campaigned against abortion in Letterkenny.

Save the Eighth group organiser Niamh Uí Bhrian said: "This judgment of the Supreme Court exposes the frightening reality of the Government's proposals on abortion.

"It confirms that if the Eighth Amendment is abolished, then the only constitutional protections enjoyed by unborn children would be abolished along with it.

"Voters will be repulsed by this stark choice.”

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