Irish Nurses' and Midwives' Organisation reveals new figures

The numbers of patients waiting for a hospital bed in Letterkenny were amongst the lowest in the country today.

Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH) has seven people waiting for a bed, according to the latest figures from the INMO nurses' union.

It claims that three people are on trolleys and another four are waiting in wards, compared to a total of 23 at LUH last Wednesday.

The nurses' union claims there are 391 patients, including eight children, waiting for a bed in hospitals across the country.

It claims that the figure of 43 at University Hospital Limerick is the highest in Ireland.

The HSE produces its own figures and these typically to do not tally with those of the INMO and are usually lower.

The HSE today claims the LUH figure is five and the national total is 286.

Unlike like the INMO's figures, the HSE's TrolleyGar figures do not give the number of patients who have been placed on wards, but are waiting for admission for a bad, having already been admitted from an emergency department.

The INMO report counts the number of patients for whom a decision to admit has been made, but who are still waiting for a bed at 8am.

It records those patients who have been moved to wards or onto trolleys but who are still waiting for a bed.

These patients, who are regularly categorised as being “on trolleys”, have not been allocated a ward bed, and typically have to wait along corridors but are also moved between general locations where space allows.

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