Definitive reports from consultants on tests for the occurrence of muscovite mica (in defective building blocks) in council houses will be known within a fortnight.

The council has appointed consultants to carry out tests on a limited number of dwellings following reports of gaping cracks and structural issues. The issue was raised at the monthly meeting by Cllr Albert Doherty (SF).

“These tests included compressive strength tests, mineralogical composition by x-ray diffraction in order to determine a definitive position including any remedial actions that may be necessary,” Director of Services, Mr Liam Ward said.

Hundreds of homes have been affected in Donegal and a MICA Action Group was set up. Most of those affected live in Inishowen.

The Mica Action Group is a group of concerned Donegal homeowners who have come together following observation of unusual and severe cracking problems to their houses. The group is seeking to secure a full government funded, administered and implemented redress scheme for all owners of dwellings in County Donegal whose houses are affected by structural cracking caused by defective building materials.

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