Friends of Danielle McLaughlin who travelled to Goa to bring her body home say they want justice to be served on behalf of their friend and women around the world.

"We want justice for Danielle. She deserves justice. We know that we all want the same. Whatever community we come from. Whatever our backgrounds. We all want the same thing. Justice. So let's get it together," said Nicole Farren, a friend of Danielle from Buncrana.

She thanked the community in Canacona who organised a solidarity meeting where Nicole said she hopes the criminal involved in Danielle's murder will not be acquitted by police as has been the case in the past.

Nicole was joined by another friend of Danielle Sheridan Smith in India to take the young woman home as soon as possible.

"Because Danielle's voice has been silenced, we are here to represent her and make sure appropriate measures are taken and justice is served. We know that she would want us to speak up and fight for women all around the world," said Nicole.

"The criminals only have power if you are silent as a community. If only one or two dare speak. But if you stand up together. Many of you. And tell what you know. These criminals will lose their power over you. You are stronger than they are together," she said.

Nicole thanked her home community in Buncrana as well as the British and Irish embassies and the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust since the loss of Danielle.

She described her friend as someone who lived life to the full and was a vibrant soul who brought love, light and laughter wherever she went.

"If anything, we hope that this will not only make India but also the rest of the world stand up and face the facts, that there is still so much injustice for women, that in some places we are second class citizens.

"Things need to change, Women need equal rights all over the world. They should be safe always and never be scared, have to live and die in fear," she said.

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