This year, 2015, will be remembered as the year that early childhood professionals unite to take a stand for their profession.

Anger is growing within the sector over regulations that require all employees of childcare centres, many on minimum wage or marginally about, to achieve higher levels of qualification before the end of the year without any increased pay.

Services are also expected to provide the free pre-school year, which gives 15 hours of care and education a week for 38 weeks to 68,000+ three and four year olds.

Childcare service in Donegal feel it is unfair to ask parents to contribute as childcare services are costly. For example, childcare services in Letterkenny cost over €1,278 per month for a baby and toddler, that’s almost €15,500 per annum.

“We will not let this government subside our profession; I would encourage parents to attend this rally and support their providers. This is our time to make a significant change to the sector!” says Lisa Boyle from South Donegal Childcare Network.

A National rally is being staged on February 17th in Dublin. All details and updates of the rally and progress by all CCC’s are available from Avril McGonagle at Donegal County Childcare Committee.

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