Residents of Upper Main Street, Donegal Town are horrified and frightened by a number of recent incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

The worst of these incidents occurred in the early hours of Monday morning.

A large, three-tier plant pot outside the Ulster Bank was knocked on to its side, leaving soil and flowers strewn across the footpath. Residents living nearby reported hearing shouts and a loud bang at around 1.00am, leaving them terrified in their homes.

A bin was also knocked over at St Patrick’s Church and the contents spilled on to the ground.

Cllr Tom Conaghan (Ind) who lives on the street believes that an attempt was made to vandalise his own car.

“It looks like they tried to pull the wing mirrors from the sockets,” he said. “I have asked North West Alarms if they have CCTV footage of it.”

The councillor is disappointed and angry to see this type of behaviour in Donegal Town.

“I don’t have any problem with people socialising,” he said. “But this vandalism is not acceptable. Indeed, I would completely condemn it. I thought this type of thing had stopped. We need to get things back to the way they were for the last twelve months.”

Cllr Conaghan said the engineers working on Tyrconnell Bridge told him that the bollards used to close off roads had also been moved.

“They were put on the roofs of cars,” he said. “That is something that you cannot tolerate. Firstly, the bollards are there for a reason. Secondly, they can badly scratch the car.”

One thing that particularly angers the councillor is that this is a big slap in the face for the people who have been working so hard to keep the town looking well.

“We are trying to keep a tidy town here and those involved are doing great work,” he said. “There is a man looking after the flowers and he is doing a fantastic job. It is terrible that he should have to come in on Monday morning and have to start picking flowers and clay up off the footpath.

“We don’t want that and we don’t need it. We have to ensure that this is stamped out now. I hope the people who are doing this can be identified from CCTV footage. And in fact, I will be going as far as trying to get hidden cameras put in place.”

Further incidents

Other similar incidents which have occurred in the area in recent times are a wing mirror broken off a car parked on Upper Main Street; the rear windscreen smashed on a car parked in a private car park in the area; and also sign broken and levered off a wall in the same car park.

Cllr Conaghan said: “It is a real shame to see this happening when there are so many positive things going on in the town.

“The majority of people are good. It is really not fair that a few anti-social people can spoil the good work being done here in Donegal Town.”


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