Firefighters tackling a major gorse fire could not access a fire hydrant because it had been tarred over.

The hydrant was at Béal Cruite National School .

Cllr Micheal Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig is calling for action to ensure that all such hydrants can be accessed.

"I am calling for Irish Water and Donegal County Council to fully audit each and every fire hydrant in the county to make sure that this never happens again," he said.  "These fires are a regular occurrence at this time of the year. We must do all we can to ensure that firefighters have access to water to deal with these emergencies."

Cllr Mac Giolla Easbuig this week met with council officials with responsibility for firefighting in the county. He made some proposals which he said would help in should incidents such as this arise again.

Hydrant GPS

"I suggested that a GPS system should be set in place so that the position of every hydrant is easily seen by firefighters," he said. "I also proposed that a system of first responders should be set up so that training would be provided on the best way to deal with gorse fires and that equipment for fighting fires would be made available at suitable venues throughout the county.

"We should never again run the risk of losing property or lives to fires that happen regularly.

"My thanks again to all the people in our community who came out and bravely fought the fires."

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