Around 200 youths wreaked havoc on the village of Mountcharles on Halloween, throwing fireworks into businesses and leaving residents terrified to leave their homes.

One woman in her eighties is reported to have been so petrified that she was moving around her home in darkness. She was too scared to put on a light in case it made her a target.

A concerned resident who contacted the Donegal Post described the terrifying events.

“They were lined up on each side of the street, throwing fireworks at each other. They were throwing them at houses and businesses too. One woman told me that four fireworks hit her house.

“There were cars driving up the Main Street with no lights on and people sitting on the bonnet.

“Fireworks were also thrown from a car.”

She said fireworks were thrown in the doors of at least two local businesses.

“You couldn’t see down the street because of smoke from the fireworks,” she said.

This appears to have been an event that was organised on social media.

A local woman said she was told that a post on Facebook encouraged people to come to Mountcharles because there would be no gardaí.

“What is really worrying is that parents were just pulling up and dropping their children off and then going away again,” she said.

The woman said a lot of the teenagers were recognised as being from the wider area.

“Parents need to know what was going on here,” she said. “People were very frightened. You have a lot of older people living on their own, people who are ill, people who were absolutely terrified. I can’t believe that parents were just dropping their children off to take part in this.”

Garda Investigation

Inspector Denis Joyce told the Donegal Post that gardaí had attended and an investigation was ongoing.

He said: “Gardaí were performing a mandatory checkpoint in Mountcharles on October 31 when they became aware that up to 200 youths had descended on Mountcharles village. They were throwing fireworks at each other.

“Gardaí spoke to a number of these young people. They found discarded fireworks on the street.”

Inspector Joyce said that Garda Jim Connolly of Mountcharles Garda Station was carrying out an investigation.

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