A grandson of a former Donegal Fianna Fail TD has been elected to the Welsh Assembly - for the eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

Mark Reckless was elected in the South Wales East Region.

Seven UKIP candidates have been elected to the Welsh Assembly, with the party vote up by 15%.

Mr. Reckless’ grandfather Henry McDevitt was a member of Dáil Eireann for the old constituency of Donegal East from 1938 – 1943.

Mr. Reckless became UKIP’s second MP following a by-election win in the English constituency of Rochester and Strood in November 2014. He had previously been elected for the Conservatives in 2010, but joined UKIP in September 2014. He lost his seat to the Conservatives in the May 2015 general election.

Mr. Reckless’ grandfather McDevitt, who died in 1966, was unsuccessful in his first attempt to get elected to Dáil Éireann for Fianna Fail in 1937, but a year later he got 7,293 votes (19.46%) as he took the third seat in a four-seat constituency where the poll topper was independent Major James Myles.

McDevitt did not contest the 1943 election.

Reckless never knew his grandfather as McDevitt died in 1966, aged 62, four years before Reckless was born. Reckless’ mother emigrated to England from Sligo when she was 17 to train as a nurse.

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