There are no known cases of measles in Donegal, but the HSE’s advice is that people should still vaccinated.

The advisory follows outbreaks in areas like Dublin and Limerick and warnings from the World Health Organization that measles has killed dozens of people across Europe in the past year.

The HSE advises anyone who suspects that they have contracted measles to stay at home and phone their local doctor.

A spokesman said: “Anyone who develops measles symptoms should stay at home and phone your GP; tell the doctor or nurse that you think you might have measles; and sop visitors coming to the house to prevent spreading the infection.”

The HSE has confirmed that the North West is currently clear of measles – but is warning that an outbreak is possible.

A statement issued to the Letterkenny Post – a sister publication of Donegal Now - confirmed: “There are no reported outbreaks of Measles currently in the North West region.

“Measles is serious infection, it can result in death and brain damage. Up until the past few years we have had no cases of measles in the North West or in Ireland, but recently immunisation rates have fallen and therefore if measles arrives in the North West, we could have an outbreak.

“The HSE recommends that children get the MMR vaccine as part of the vaccination programme.

“It is a safe and effective vaccine. Older people, who have not had the vaccine, can get it from their GP.

“The vaccine protects against measles, mumps and rubella which is important for women who are planning a pregnancy.”

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