There has been huge drop in the number of fish being caught on Inishowen's most popular angling waterways, the Inish Times revealed this week.

Enhancement works are being carried out on the Crana River in Buncrana to improve its salmon spawning grounds.

It follows a dramatic drop number of salmon being caught in the river.

Pat Kane, of the Buncrana Anglers Association (BAA), said fishing on the river was "poor" up to the last week of July.

He added: "It was the worst I can remember for years."

He described fishing over the past couple of weeks as "fair," adding a number of salmon had entered the river resulting in a "good few" being caught.

All the fish caught were returned safely - every hen fish that is returned safely has a average of 700 to 800 eggs per pound weight (6lb has 4,000+ eggs), of that only half a per cent or less will return as adult, say 10 to 20 - that's if everything goes well - in  five to six years time - four years in the river, then one or two years at sea,

So far this year, around 50 fish have been caught -  back in 1998  there were around a thousand fish caught, an indication of how far the river has declined over the years.

There have been moves in the last number of years to try and restore the river to something like its former status.

At this moment the BAA is carrying out enhancement works to improve the salmon spawning grounds, with assistance from the IFI.

Also the IFI have just carried out a survey in the river system to find out where the young salmon are thriving and where they are not - this will help to formulate a plan as to where an enhancement program will have to be carried out over the coming years.

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