If you have a young son or daughter then chances are you’re already aware of the new fad that has Inishowen’s youngsters in a spin.

Fidget Spinners are the latest craze sweeping the peninsula.

The demand for the toy shows no signs of abating, according to Margaret Henderson of “Cards ‘n’ Candies” on Buncrana’s Main Street.

Speaking to the Inish Times, she said: “Buncrana has gone crazy on Fidget Spinners. I had never heard of them until about a week ago, when two youngsters came into the shop asking for them.

“We got them into the shop a couple of days later and it was hectic for a few days.

“There are other shops in the town selling them now but we are still selling lots and lots of them.

“Children up to about 12 or 13 are buying them and even some of the older ones at the secondary school have them now too.

“The Fidget Spinner craze shows no signs of slowing down at all.”

Margaret Farren, principal of St. Oran’s National School (Cockhill) in Buncrana, has taken steps to prevent students with the toy from losing focus during class time.

She said: “We decided we would allow our students to play with Fidget Spinners during lunchtime but not during class. Anyone caught using one in class will have them confiscated.”

Anyone who hasn’t heard of them, here’s what you need to know about Fidget Spinners.

They are little pieces of plastic or metal, which consist of a two or three pronged design with a bearing in its centre circular pad. The individual holds the centre of the Fidget Spinner with one hand and uses the other hand to spin it…. and that’s it really.

Some Fidget Spinners have little LED lights and other little modifications but it doesn’t really add much to the original design.

So why has this little gadget been coveted and obsessed over by young people everywhere?

You would think that in a world where technology is at the forefront of everything young people wouldn’t have the time or patience to mess about with a little piece of plastic or metal. Some sources claim that Fidget Spinners help people who have trouble focusing or have ADHD, autism and anxiety.

There is little science to back up these claims, yet the alleged benefits have helped bolster sales.

Fidget Spinners have been around since the 1990s but have only grown in popularity since April this year.

Social media users began to upload videos of themselves performing tricks with Fidget Spinners, which could explain the sudden surge in popularity.

Most of the negativity surrounding Fidget Spinners centres on the question of whether or not they actually reduce fidgeting in classrooms, with many teachers claiming that they are more of a distraction than anything else.

Whether or not this trend will last remains to be seen, but most people can’t seem to get enough of them at the moment.

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