Four seats are up for grabs in the Ireland Midlands North-West constituency in the European Elections.

The count for the constituency (which includes Donegal) gets underway in Castlebar on Sunday.

But how did things go last time out?

The first preference votes are listed below from 2014.

European Elections 2014

Ireland North West constituencies

4 Seats 14 Candidates   8 Counts

Electorate: 1,202,997      Quota: 129,290

Candidate                             Party                     1st Pref

Luke Flanagan                    Independent    124,063                 Elected Count 2

Mairead McGuinness*     Fine Gael             92,080                   Elected Count 5

Matt Carthy                        Sinn Féin             114,727                 Elected Count 7

Marian Harkin*                    Independent    68,986                   Elected Count 8

Pat Gallagher*                    Fianna Fail          59,562

Thomas Byrne                   Fianna Fail          55,384

Jim Higgins*                     Fine Gael            39,908

Ronan Mullen                    Independent     36,326

Lorraine Higgins              Labour                  31,951

Mark Dearey                      GreenParty        9,520

Ben Gilroy                           Direct Democracy Ireland            7,683

Mark Fitzsimons               Independent     2,424

T J Fay                                Independent      2,002

Cordeila Nic Fhearraigh Fis Nua                 1,829

Total valid vote                                            646,445

Turnout                                                                53.74%

Spoilt votes                                                        17,258                   2.60%

Total poll                                                             663,703                                 55.17%

* outgoing MEP

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