Cllr Noel Jordan (SF) who polled very highly in the Donegal Electoral Area said he was delighted and grateful for the support.

He arrived at the St John Bosco Centre for the count on Sunday in the knowledge that he was top in the tallies from Saturday.

“That is a great feeling,” he told Donegal Now. “To arrive here knowing that you have the support to take the seat makes a big difference.”

Cllr Jordan commended his entire canvass team. But he had a particular word of thanks for his brother Raymond and for Bernie Meehan.

“They worked day and night with me,” he said.

This councillor believes that his hard work for the MD over the last five years has not gone unnoticed.

“Everybody who came to me about anything, I dealt with it for them,” he said. “If it was something I couldn’t fix then I got back to them and told them the situation. That was very important to me.

“I was able to tell my canvass team they did not have to be afraid to knock on any door. I worked tirelessly for everyone and I am delighted now to see from the poll that people knew that.”

Two seats

Cllr Jordan is  very pleased that his running mate Michael McMahon also secured a seat. Indeed, this is the first time that Sinn Féin held two seats in the Municipal District (MD) of Donegal.

The councillor also paid tribute to the candidates who were not successful, commending them for putting themselves forward. He wished them well and said they would no doubt be back again.

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