The clocks spring forward next week.

It’s not until Sunday, March 25, but sleep experts believe that we all need time to adjust to the new time zone and they are promoting steps to help ease us into it.

Sleep expert Dave Gibson for The Sleep Site company said: “The clocks spring forward on March 25 at 2am. The lost hour can hit hard in an already sleep-deprived 24/7 busy lifestyle.

“And not quite adjusted to the new earlier bedtime, many of us turn up to work on Monday feeling tired and groggy.

“Our resulting lack of concentration and focus is possibly best demonstrated by the fact that in the USA, the Monday following the summer time clocks change has the second highest level of road traffic accidents (RTA) in the year.

“The key is to ease yourself through the time change by using a simple three-step time increment routine so you wake up, full adjusted, in the new time zone on Sunday morning.”

For more information, see the website.


Thursday - Stop all caffeine: This will allow you to sleep better that evening and set up a more relaxed start to Friday.

Friday - Go without caffeine all day. This will make it easier to get to sleep half an hour earlier on Friday evening.

Saturday - You have now adjusted to a time zone that is half hour earlier than your norm. You should adjust all your meals half an hour earlier too.

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