Majella O'Donnell will join Martin King on TV3’s The Six O’Clock Show for a stint as guest presenter.

She will step into the shoes of regular presenter Muireann O’Connell this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Her down-to-earth but compassionate attitude and her wonderful sense of humour is sure to make Majella a hit with viewers.

Majella first came to the attention of the nation as the wife of country music star, Daniel O’Donnell. But she has since become a star in her own right due to her honesty in sharing her personal stories. In doing so, she has given courage and hope to many people here in Donegal, in Majella’s native Tipperary and far beyond.

She is very much looking forward to her time in the TV3 hotseat.

‘I’m thrilled to be joining the Six O’Clock Show gang as a guest presenter,” she said. “I’m looking forward to having a good old chat and a giggle with some great guests. Martin will have his work cut out getting a word in.”

Majella is also excited about one particular perk of the job.

“The country’s top chefs are always cooking away in the Six Kitchen too, so I can’t wait to have dinner served up to me every night,” she said.

Majella is no stranger to the cameras as she has starred alongside Daniel in various TV series. Most recently, she charmed the nation when starring in an Episode of  RTE’s Room To Improve. She also appeared in UK show Family Fortunes where she and Daniel won £30,000 for her charity Donegal Mind Wellness. And her famous appearance on the Late Late Show where she shaved her head while battling breast cancer has gone down as a significant moment in Irish television history. Hundreds of thousands of Euro was raised for the Irish Cancer Society as a direct result of her brave actions. Its impact in terms of breast cancer awareness is immeasurable.

It is perhaps the sense that you are watching someone who is totally comfortable in being herself that particularly endears Majella to viewers. This should help to make her a natural presenter who will bring out the best in guests on the Six O’Clock Show.

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