Mayor of Donegal Town Pauric Kennedy has launched his local election campaign, hoping ot follow in the footsteps of his late father Peter.

The launch event took place recently in the Abbey Hotel, Donegal Town. Family and friends were out in force to support the popular Donegal Town man.

Mr Kennedy will run as an independent candidate in the upcoming council elections.

His late father Peter and his brother Jonathan both served as councillors for Fianna Fáil. But Pauric Kennedy has decided not to run with any party affiliation.

He told those gathered for the launch that as Mayor of Donegal Town, he worked with people from all parties. Mr Kennedy said this had been very positive and it was his intention to continue in this manner.

He congratulated Cllr Seamus Maguire (Ind) on taking over John Campbell’s seat. He wished Mr Campbell well, praising him for all he had contributed during his tenure. Mr Kennedy also thanked Cllr Barry O’Neill (FG) who recently announced that he would not run again.

In regard to the other candidates in the council elections, Mr Kennedy said: “They all have good intentions to do good for their community and that’s why we are all here, to do the best we can.”

But the Mayor of Donegal Town said he believed the county was on the way up, with so much invested particularly in tourism.

“We need to build on the assets that we have and learn to think bigger,” he said.

Mr Kennedy spoke of rural broadband, housing needs and roads infrastructure as key areas that needed attention. He also spoke of the importance of community involvement and the benefits this had, particularly in rural areas.


Mr Kennedy’s long time friend Séog Campbell spoke about he was putting aside his own party affiliation to back the Mayor. He referred to the many worthy organisations in which Mr Kennedy was involved, and he thanked representatives from those organisations for attending. 

“I will guarantee you one thing,” said Mr Campbell. “If we get Pauric into Lifford he will represent the whole south west Donegal. He has some great ideas about moving forward and developing the area, some really, really good ideas.

“Pauric is a real goer, he will work round the clock. He is honest and he is sincere and I think he will make a fine councillor.

“But he’ll only do that with all your support. We hope that you will give him every support that you can and maybe repay him somewhat for what he has done down through the years.

“I wish him well. He has a lovely family and I’m sure everybody is going to do their best now. Hopefully come the third week of May we’ll be having a celebration back here.”


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