Your greatest gift this Christmas is… Time, and this is the resounding message across McElhinneys Bsllybofey this festive Season as they release their first ever Christmas Advert.

The story follows a sweet family of 4 as they prepare for Christmas performing all traditions we
know and love. Simultaneously we follow a granny called Martha who lives in a nursing home and is
also preparing for Christmas in her own way. The resounding take-away message from the entire
campaign is to make time to spend with your loved ones this Festive Season.
Now in their 47th year of business, McElhinneys iconic Christmas Window Unveiling has been a
highlight for those in Donegal for the past number of years, and this year McElhinneys have gone
bigger and better with their first ever Christmas Advert, hoping to spread their message that the
greatest gift this Christmas is Time.
John McElhinney, founder and owner of McElhinneys, was excited to share the message this Season,
͞We wanted to capture the excitement of the build up to Christmas that everyone loves… but the
resounding message we want people to take away from the campaign is to make time to spend with
loved ones this Christmas.
͞Of course, finding someone the perfect gift is incredibly satisfying, but sometimes it’s the little
things like spending time with friends and loved ones that will mean the most.
Eilish Kennedy, Creative Director, wanted the message of sharing your time to be apparent
throughout the Campaign, the store and this years’ Christmas Windows, ͞This year we wanted to go
bigger with our Christmas Campaign, and the message of spending time with loved ones at
Christmas is one that we want to spread far and wide for 2018.͟
You will find the McElhinneys Christmas Advert on their social media pages now.

Better still click on the link to view the advert itself.


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