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The high level of joblessness in Donegal is little short of alarming. Indeed, perhaps a special case for emergency action still needs to be made for the county – with positive discrimination. The stark fact remains that the numbers signing on the live register more than twice the figures seen during the boom years.

Consider this. I recently heard a Tory MP speaking about unemployment black-spots, and how unemployment in some parts of the UK was over 10%. Officially the unemployment stands at 7.1% while in Northern Ireland it is 7.3%.

Even in Northern Ireland jobs blac-kspots like Derry and Strabane, the figure is under 10%.

But here in Donegal unemployment remains stubbornly high. The national unemployment rate is now 12.3%, its lowest rate for four years. In parts of Donegal, it is considerably higher.

The latest figures show that in Letterkenny, there were 5,749 people on the live register at the end of January. It should be noted that the live register figure includes part-time workers.

To give it a visual perspective, if everyone on the Live Register recorded in Letterkenny went to O’Donnell Park, the stand there would only accommodate less than half of them!

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