A big feature of A Taste of Donegal is A Passion To Inspire competition for local chefs.

Chef Anthony Armstrong who organises the competition told the Donegal Post: “The standard was very high this year and only 4.5 points separated the gold medal winners. That is how close it was.”

The chefs prepare their dishes in their own place of work. Each one must prepare two starters and two main courses, one of which must be a seafood dish. They have 45 minutes to complete everything, so the pressure really is on to get it right.

The overall winner was Daniel Mullarkey of Nikki’s Coffee Shop in Killybegs.

Mr Armstrong said: “Daniel was runner up last year so it was particularly nice to see him do two in a row so to speak, and to achieve his goal of overall winner.”

Runner up was Attila Czibla from The House Gastropub in Donegal Town, who also prepared excellent dishes for the judges. 

Gold medals are then awarded to other chefs who prepared high quality food. This year's gold medal winners were Shah Sultan from Chandpur, Daniel Lampard from Harvey’s Point and Helen Burke from Castle Grove House in Letterkenny.


Mr Armstrong was joined by a team of prestigious judges, Peter Griffiths MBE, President of the British Culinary Federation; Bob McDonald from Masterchefs of Great Britain; and Gerard M Molloy of the American Culinary Federation.

Mr Armstrong said: “The judges were blown away by the hospitality here in Donegal as we visited the chefs’ places of work to judge the competitions. It has been great to see how far chefs have come year on year.”


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