A public meeting has been called to see how best to protest An Post’s decision to close Post Offices in the west of the county.

Two of the Post Offices are in Gaoth Dobhair parish, and the others are in Gort a’Choirce, Burtonport and Dunfanaghy.

The meeting will take place in Ionad Naomh Pádraig, Dobhar on Wednesday next, September 5 at 7.00 pm.

These closures are among 17 Post Offices to close in County Donegal and 159 in total within the state. Cllr Cllr Micheal Cholm MacGiolla Easbuig who is among those organising the meeting said: “Under the previous Fianna Fáil led government from 2002 to 2011, 629 Post Offices were closed in the 26 counties.

“Both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael believe in acting in the interest of big business, making rich people richer. I believe what is happening right now is that the overall objective of both parties is to get rid of the non-profitable Post Offices right across the state and only keep the profitable Post Offices and then sell the state company off to an already wealthy private company. This will never be in the interests of the people of Gaoth Dobhair, or anywhere else for that matter.”


The independent councillor said he believed that since the foundation of the state, County Donegal has been starved of investment. He said this led to a chronic lack of infrastructure in the county.

“No motorways, no railway, no gas lines,” he said. “The list is endless. Cancer patients in rural areas have to travel ludicrous distances to receive treatment.

“That is why it is imperative that the community takes a stand and fights back against any move to take more services from us. The government is saying that it is a decision taken by An Post. They say that they will provide a better service after the closures. We don’t believe them. This is the sort of message that Margaret Thatcher delivered as she was slashing and privatising community services in Britain. Ronald Reagan did the same in America.

“The sheer hypocrisy of the state in dealing with our community is highlighted by the fact that this year, Bliain na Gaeilge, they are telling the community that they have to formulate a plan to preserve the Irish language in the Gaeltacht. Yet at the same time they are cutting back on basic services that we need. A language cannot survive unless the community that kept it alive for countless generations survives. And the state couldn’t care less about that.

“We can stop this now. We are asking the community to attend the meeting on Wednesday and show their support for a strong campaign to oppose the closure of our post offices.

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