Uniformed Revenue Commissioner staff have seized a number of gaming machines from a premises in Inishowen.

It is the second raid on an arcade in the county in recent months.

The operation took place at lunchtime yesterday and is believed to be part of the Revenue’s Gaming and Amusement Compliance Project.

The Gaming and Amusement Compliance Project was initiated in 2017 and is ongoing across the State.

In a statement a Revenue spokesperson said: “Revenue initiated a Gaming and Amusement Compliance Project in 2017 to identify and tackle non-compliance with tax and excise licensing obligations by traders active in the gaming and amusement sector.

“Revenue procedures require officers to go through a process when intervening with non-compliant traders.  Specifically, officers are required to issue a 21-day warning letter, followed by a 14-day warning letter to traders with licensing issues.

“If the non-compliance in those cases is not rectified, a final seven-day warning letter will be issued.  If a trader remains non-compliant after the expiry of the final 7-day warning period, Revenue can then commence a process to seize the machine(s).

“Revenue is precluded from commenting on individual tax cases.

“As the Revenue’s Gaming and Amusement Compliance Project is ongoing, no further comment can be given on the details of the operation. However, I would like to assure you that Revenue is intent on addressing all forms of licensing non-compliance in the gaming and amusement sector,” concluded the Revenue statement.

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