There have been over 30 fewer road deaths this year – prompting campaigners to issue renewed appeals for increased safety.

The latest Garda figures show that there have been 33 fewer deaths this year (127) compared to this time last year (160).

That is a drop of over 20 per cent.

The road safety group, Action Campaign for Education Against Road Tragedies (ACEART), which was set up in 2004, following several road deaths in Inishowen, is now urging motorists to keep the figure as it is.

Mary, who founded (ACEART) and is a member of the Irish Road Victims’ Association (IRVA), told Donegal Now: “Let’s all co-operate together to try to make this the safest and best year ever, not only in Donegal, but in the country as a whole.

“We are heading in the right direction so far with 33 fewer deaths than 2016.

“It has been one of the best Octobers ever, though we always say, ‘One life lost is one too many’.”

Mary (pictured) was speaking out after gardai revealed the true extent of speeding on Donegal’s roads.

ACEART founder Mary Clinton with Transport Minster Shane Ross.

The Garda National Go Slow Day operation over October 21 and 22 resulted in five cars in Donegal being caught speeding.

The highest detection in all of the country was made in Listillion, outside Letterkenny, where a speed of 177km/h in a 100km/h zone was recorded.

Mary said: “As a road safety campaigner, I'm disgusted and outraged that Donegal made the headlines and the national news yet again for the wrong reasons due to the motorist who was caught driving at 177 km/h - plus all four others who were caught in Co Donegal on National Go Slow Day.

“As a voluntary road safety campaigner, who has given over 13 years of my time to try to help save lives on our roads, I cannot get my head around the thinking of some people.

“They are not only prepared to put their own lives at risk by driving in a careless, reckless manner, but they put the lives of innocent people at risk as well.

“That sort of driving behaviour is totally selfish, irresponsible and most certainly unacceptable.

“There is absolutely no justification for this kind of behaviour on our roads.”

She added: “If the drivers, who were caught driving at these excessive, ridiculous speeds, and ignoring the laws of the land, don't value their own lives, they should at least have some respect and consideration for the lives of their fellow road users.

“We've only been given one life. It is precious and should be respected. Every human being has a right to that life, and not to have it snatched from them by the irresponsible behaviour of another motorist.

“I hope this manner of driver behaviour will be dealt with appropriately in court.

“This kind of behaviour has got to be stopped. Our community and our county deserve better.”

A-CEART appeals to drivers to please slow down: “Drive with courtesy, care and consideration and take responsibility behind the wheel of a lethal weapon".

A-CEART’s campaigns can be followed on the website that is linked to Facebook and Twitter.

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