The Donegal Road Safety Working Group has appealed to candidates contesting the upcoming elections to be mindful of road safety when erecting posters.

Brian O’Donnell Road Safety Officer said: “We totally understand that candidates need to erect their posters and we are asking them to be mindful of where they erect their posters and to be aware that erecting posters in the wrong location can lead to problems for motorists and pedestrians, such as vision impairment, obstruction or distraction, which could lead to a collision.”

“In the interest of road safety we are appealing to candidates to be conscious of where posters are placed and secure them properly.

"We would also ask all candidates to ensure that all campaign workers are made aware of the dangers of working at the road side and not to place themselves or others at risk. It is also essential that workers take the practical step of wearing high-visibility clothing when doing so."

Mr O'Donnell stressed the importance of ensuring that road signs are not obscured.

"We would urge candidates to be particularly mindful of erecting posters at or near roundabouts, speed limit signs, statutory road signs, directional signs, road works sites, STOP or Yield signs and other crucial areas," he said. "These signs are there to ensure the safety of motorists and all road users, so it is important that no action is taken that either obscures the signage or distracts road users from their content.”

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