A school bus pick-up at a busy junction on the N15 near Ballyshannon is among the factors which locals fear could lead to a major accident.

Cllr Michael McMahon (SF) said he had been contacted by a number of people from the Cavangarden area.

He raised the matter at the October meeting of the Municipal District (MD) of Donegal.

“Coming out at Cavangarden, you have to push your vehicle well out on to the road to get a view," he said. "It is a constant concern for the people there.

“The school bus goes up there in the morning and picks up about 17 children at that crossing. You have children getting out of cars and you also have a lot of cars parked there. It is an accident waiting to happen, a big cause for concern."

Area Roads Officer Mark Sweeney said he had contacted Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) regarding safety concerns at the junction.

“They are aware of it and are looking at a few ideas,” he said.


Regarding the school bus, Mr Sweeney said: “It is a problem all over the place where buses are stopped on the side of the road and causing a hazard. We might touch base with the guards on that.”

Cllr McMahon thanked Mr Sweeney, adding: “Yes, people there are afraid there might be an accident there.”

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