Efforts by the local community in Bundoran to keep the public toilets open near the town’s Tourist office received a body blow at the weekend, when a group of what were described as young teenagers were seen near the location, shortly before the toilets were wantonly vandalised.

Chairman of the local Tidy Towns committee Michael McMahon told the Donegal Post newspaper that the vandalism would have been worse, had he now come down to close the toilets shortly after 7pm on Saturday evening.

He said it followed a recent pattern on vandalism around the town that had run into thousands of euro over recent months. The matter has been reported to local gardai, who are investigating the matter, he said.

Toilet holders were smashed and then the toilet paper was used to stuff the toilets so that when they were flushed the toilets overflowed. Broken bottles of beer and cans of cider were also visible when the Donegal Post visited the location on Monday morning.

TheVandalised toilets (above) after the flooding had been cleared

“It is very disheartening. When you see the huge efforts by our volunteers and workers to tidy up our town, it’s a real body blow. I saw the teenagers outside the toilets premises and it was clear that had I not arrived, worse things could have happened.”

He also referred to the vandalism at a storage facility at the base of Rougey walk.

“This was secure a couple of months back to hold equipment and tools for community schemes. Somebody kicked or smashed a very secure door in, with the result that it cannot now be used as a storage facility. The whole community, including parents, will need to get involved, if we are to solve these ongoing issues.

“These are not people from anywhere else but from our own locality that are doing this and that makes it even sadder to witness. This, I believe, is a campaign that has been ongoing for some time.”

The smashed door at the storage facility at the start of the town's famous Rouget walk

The temporary sign indicating that the toilets were vandalised and had been forced to close

Shane Smyth, local Tourism Officer, whose own offices are just metres away added:

“There is something terribly wrong when somebody feels that they have to go and vandalise a utility that is there for the general public and visitors to the town.

“It is a quieter time of the year and I know that the facility is used regularly, by the likes of walkers and those visiting the town at the weekends. To see the condition that it is in know, is demoralising for those that put in the efforts to make our town an attractive place to visit.”

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