Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Tuesday, which is traditionally the final day before Lent begins.

The day has been used, for example, to indulge in foods that some people may give up as part of their Lenten sacrifice.

Supermarket chain Aldi has issued "10 fun facts you may not know about Pancake Tuesday".

Did you know? 

  1. Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday is traditionally the final day to eat what you want before Lent starts;
  2. It started with people using up the last of their butter, sugar and eggs before fasting, but now it’s a great excuse to enjoy lots and lots of tasty pancakes, topped with all of your favourite things;
  3. In the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Shrove Tuesday is more often called Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday;
  4. Mardi Gras is the French term for Fat Tuesday. It is tradition on this day to consume rich foods prior to the beginning of Lent the following day;
  5. In German-American populations Pancake Tuesday is also referred to as Fastnacht Day;
  6. Pancake Tuesday falls exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday. This means that the date can move depending on when Easter Sunday falls;
  7. Not all countries eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. In Finland, they eat green pea soup and pastry. In Iceland, they eat salted meat and peas;
  8. In Switzerland, the day is referred to as Gudisdienstag which is derived from a word that means 'a stomach full of food;
  9. In Russia and Ukraine, Christian festivals are also traditionally associated with pancakes at that time of year;
  10. Because Pancake Tuesday is a moveable feast, it can fall anywhere between February 3 to March 9.

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