A Co. Cork based shipbuilding firm is hoping to set a new UIM (Union internationale motonautique) approved World Record for the fastest trip from the North American continent to Ireland by boat.

Safehaven Marine in Youghal has already seen its Thunder Child II set a record for a trip around Rockall last year.

But the planned new adventure is far more demanding, as can be seen from the promotional video below.

The hope is that the trip will conclude with Thunder Child II arriving in Killybegs. A date for the record breaking bid has yet to be confirmed, but it could be July or August.

Traditionally there are three main routes possible. The first is a direct route from New York to the West coast of Ireland. This is the shortest route but it is a distance of 2,600 nautical miles with a leg of 1,670 nautical miles across the Atlantic.

This leg would require a fuel capacity that is not possible in a vessel of Thunder Child II's size, factoring its cruise speed (40kts) or mid ocean refuelling, not allowed by the UIM.

The second is from New York to the Azores, Portugal then Ireland. Although the longest leg across the Atlantic is less, at 1,300 nautical miles it is still beyond the range of Thunder Child II, and would be the greatest distance overall  at 3,650 nautical miles.

The Third option is the Northern route, starting from Newfoundland, then Greenland, Iceland and down to the North West coast of Ireland.

This route is the only real option open to Safehaven Marine as the longest open ocean leg between refuelling points is 758 nautical miles, reasonably comfortably within the maximum range of Thunder Child II, the total voyage is 2,400 nautical miles (4,500km).

More details about the plan are expected to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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