Liam Blaney elected in Letterkenny EA

The Blaney name is still alive and well – and poll-topping.

Liam Blaney was re-elected to Donegal Co. Council with the biggest first preference vote in the new enlarged Letterkenny Electoral Area.

A Blaney has been elected at elections since 1927 - and the proud tradition lives on.

And he paid tribute to the many loyal Blaney followers of old as the party machine really cranked up for the campaign.

“With 22 candidates in the field I did not think anyone would get over the quota,” he said.

But he got up 1,763 votes with the quota being 1,719.

He felt that the people had spoken and “cannot take any more.”

He added: “The Government needs to sit up and listen. I hope that they get the message or it will be a sad day for them at the next general election.”

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