An intrepid group of swimmers will celebrate International Women’s Day with a Sisterhood Swimrise at Shrove’s Blue Flag beach.

Speaking to Donegal Now, Donna McFeely, co-organiser of the event, which is taking place at 7.00am this Friday coming, said everyone was “very welcome.”

Donna added: “The Sisterhood Swimrise for International Women’s Day is a continuation of something, which a group of my friends and I try and do as often as we can, at Shrove or anywhere in Donegal, for the healing properties and the magic that it brings.

“We just gather in the mornings. We try and meet at sunrise, go for a quick swim, have a wee cup of tea on the beach and then get on with our day.

“There are so many benefits of sea swimming for both physical health and well-being. You never come away feeling you have a long day ahead of you. You go away feeling energised.

“There is something lovely about women gathering and the energy, which that brings. We have been trying to do it as often as we can and, obviously, with International Women’s Day coming up, we agreed to go facilitate a Sisterhood Swimrise at Shrove,” said Donna.

The swimmers chose to go to the lighthouse at Shrove because it was “quite handy to Derry.”

Donna added: “There is parking at Shrove, there are facilities and it is just beautiful. It is just gorgeous. So, we thought we would make our Sisterhood Swimrise an Event and see if other women wanted to join in. It can do no harm gathering women. A few Wild Atlantic Women is always a good thing.

“The response has been great, from swimmers and from people who just to want to come along and have a splash in the sea. Everyone is very welcome. There is no obligation for anybody to swim. There is no obligation for people to go into the ocean in swim suits or wet suits.

“It is just a gathering of women. It is symbolic, that idea of the sunrise on International Women’s Day, that idea that the rising of the women is the rising of us all. I think that is one of the themes of International Women’s Day that provides hope and in the context of the world we are in, we need hope, we need change. Simple things like the Sisterhood Swimrise, which re-connect us with nature and reconnect us with purpose and meaning cannot be underestimated,” said Donna.

Donna described the Sisterhood Swimrise as a “celebration of the power and unity of women.”

She concluded: “Looking ahead to the year and some of the challenges that we might be facing, and we might collectively need to address. It is a chance to start off a beautiful day with other women, have a cup of tea and a bun.

“Part of going to Shrove and re-connecting with nature on International Women’s Day is recognising that we’ve all got a role to play in sustaining that beauty.”

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