Inishowen community hero, John Porter dropped into the Inish Times office in Buncrana yesterday with the fantastic news he had collected a whopping €110,600 to date for “Donegal Cancer Patients and Their Families.”

Wishing everyone a “very happy and peaceful Christmas,” John pledged to go on collecting as long as he was able.

A modest John whose charity work was recognised with a Buncrana Chamber of Commerce Award last year, said: “Inishowen people are unbelievably generous. I have collected €110,600 in just two years in the peninsula, from Bridgend, down as far as Malin Town and everywhere in between. People are so generous.

“Contrary to rumours, which appeared in the media, regarding the misappropriation of funds, the charity has been checked and audited and no discrepancies whatsoever have been found.

“The support we are getting from people who have benefited from the Cancer Bus is phenomenal. The bus takes patients to Galway and helps out with funds. Young families, with maybe the mother or the father having cancer and children need money for school uniforms and suchlike, get a helping hand from ‘Donegal Cancer Patients and Their Families.

“I hope people keep up the work. There was a bit of talk they were going to close it but as ar as I know now, up until today, it is still going to be carrying. I would like, on behalf of everybody involved, to thank al the people of Inishowen and beyond for their generosity. I hope they have a very happy and peaceful Christmas,” said John.

John had a special word of thanks for Buncrana taxi driver, Eddie McLaughlin and Fionán Bradley, his neighbour, who take him around the peninsula to collect the donations.

Outlining why the Cancer Bus is very much needed, John said: “The reason for the Cancer Bus, even though the public service is on, is that the public service will not stop if people are feeling sick or if they need to go to the bathroom.

“The Cancer Bus has made arrangements with hotels, pubs, restaurants on the way for patients to be able to use their facilities. The Cancer Bus will also stop if somebody is not feeling too well.

“That is why I want to thank everybody for their generous donations and I will keep collecting as long as I am able,” said John.

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