Australian woman, Bronwyn Walsh, has raised €1195 to date after jumping out of a plane and parachuting over Donegal Airport yesterday.

Walsh raised the money for Living Links, a suicide bereavement support charity, in Donegal.
Speaking on the jump, she said, "I decided to do it for a couple of reasons. I've actually always wanted to do a jump anyway (I'm a bit of a sucker for doing things that challenge me - Mud Runs, Mountain Climbs etc). A friend of mine is involved with Living Links and was calling for volunteers to do this for them, so figured it was a good opportunity! 
"I have had a long ongoing battle with depression myself and was very near to the end of my tether in Sydney as I contemplated suicide myself. Anything that helps highlight the support out there and brings mental health into the spotlight is always worth it in my opinion." 
Walsh's involvement with different community and charity groups has been a huge part of her personal therapy. She said, "I think the more people talk about it, the better it is as it lessens the stigma attached. You never know what someone else is going through. Depression is a truly awful and all-encompassing thing. And it's sneaky too - because it's good at hiding."
She continued: "Initially I'd aimed for € 850, because that would have been €500 for the charity. I've been blown away with the support so there's no limit now!"
As well as the jump, Walsh also ran a quiz in Arena 7 and a raffle to fund raise as well as receiving general donations. She said, "I'm going to leave donation options open until the end of September."
Walsh moved to Ireland from Australia nine years ago and has been travelling back and forth for the past 22 years since meeting her husband, who is from outside Derry originally, in London. The pair also brought over their dog, Scrap, who was a big part of Walsh's coping mechanism as well. 
As well as Walsh, there were other people parachuting for charities on the day too. 
She concluded: "As for how I'm feeling - awesome! It was an amazing experience, amazing views, but was also brilliant to have people talking about the causes involved. I'm not great with heights, so thought I'd be really nervous, which I was heading out to the airport, but once you got up in the plane it was just such a buzz! And the jump itself was an adrenaline rush indeed followed by extremely peaceful floating with amazing views!" 
You can still donate to Walsh's campaign here

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