Over 50 young and inexperienced drivers will be taking part in a cross-border road safety study coordinated by accident management company CRASH Services.

The majority of the participants of the study are resident in border counties and five of the young drivers are from Donegal.

The study is being conducted to determine if ‘black box’ telematic devices in cars could help improve road safety in Ireland. The telematic devices will send information to a central computer on location, speed, and acceleration and deceleration levels. The device will then score driving performances based on the frequency and severity of ‘incidents’ related to risky behaviour.

This is the first study of its kind in Ireland and Martin McRandal from CRASH is confident that the results of the study will be beneficial to road safety, “Currently there is no tangible evidence to prove or disprove the effectiveness of this technology in reducing road risk.

“The results, when they are published in August, will be of benefit to all with an interest in road safety, including Government and Government agencies, fleet operators and insurance providers.”


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