Not one single person had a positive test for drug driving in Co. Donegal in 2017 after being stopped at a garda checkpoint.

However, behind the headline figure more questions are likely to be asked.

Only ELEVEN oral tests for possible drug driving were actually carried out in Donegal in 2017 at garda checkpoints.

Donegal was the only county with a zero percentage of positive tests.

Cork City (4) , Wicklow  (9) and Louth (4) were the only counties with fewer drug driving oral tests carried out.

Nationally, a total of 1,939 oral tests for possible drug driving were carried out last year.

This compares with 472,165 breath tests carried out a checkpoints.

The highest number of checks for drugs were carried out in Kildare.

The oral tests to check for drug driving were introduced 18 months ago.

Details of the latest statistics have been published by The Irish Times.

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