Finn Park has shot to the top of the charts in terms of reaction to an online posting that asks people to rate League of Ireland grounds.

The League of Ireland group chat on facebook has proved to be very popular since it was set up to enable supporters to air their views.

In recent weeks, people have been asked to give a mark out of ten for various League of Ireland grounds.

Earlier this evening (Monday), ground number 14 in the series, Finn Park, went up.

People were asked: "What was your experience at Finn Park like as an away fan for the 2018 Season, location wise, facilities, match experience etc?"

The responses were varied, and the marks out of ten ranged from zero to ten.

The administrator of the group, Lewis Shaw posted the following: "Well it's fair to say Finn Park is breaking the record for the most comments in a stadium rating post."

It was clear - and this is so of many grounds - that home fans tend to give a far, far higher rating to the ground of their team than away fans do.

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So, how would you rate Finn Park?

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