A large number of Donegal based runners had a frustrating morning when they tried to register for this year's KBC Dublin City Marathon.

An extra 2,500 places were due to be made available at 9.00 am with entry online.

However, those trying to register found that the site was down.

The issue sparked off a wave of comments on the KBC Dublin City Marathon facebook page.

Many people feared that they were going to lose out on a place.

However, shortly after 10.30 am the system began to function properly and a flood of registrations were made.

Over 20,000 people had already signed up for the event which takes place on Sunday, October 27th.

The problems this morning were associated with the sheer volume of people trying to enter.


It was clearly evident that those trying to log on were frustrated.

"This is more stressful than the marathon," commented one person trying to register.

Another person querying what happened wrote: "What on earth is going on? My computer says 100 tickets left, my phone says all available, my colleagues computer says all gone. None of them let me click proceed."

Shortly after 9.50 am the following message appeared on the Eventmaster website for those trying to log in:

"For KBC Dublin Marathon users: due to technical difficulties this event is not available at the moment. Please wait for further notice. Sorry for inconvenience."

At 10.15 am this morning there was still considerable confusion with many people unsure if they would be able to get an entry.

Yesterday, a trial period actually saw some people registering.

This prompted calls from others to say that was unfair.

Around 300 people from Donegal did last year's marathon in Dublin.

This year's will be the 40th staging of the event.

It has been called the "friendliest marathon in Europe."

Entrants will come from more than 100 countries.

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