Manus Kelly and Donall Barrett have made the headlines for snatching a victory two years in a row but in 1980, a rally competitor was making the headlines for different reasons.

Rosemary Smith hit the headlines in 1980 when she was one of the few female competitors of the Donegal International Rally.

She won the Ladies Award and spoke to RTE in a segment titled 'Beating Men at Car Rallies'.

"At this stage just before a rally begins I know I say to myself why am I here why am I rallying?...When you get going you go down the ramp the adrenaline is flowing you go out there and it is you and your car against maybe 160 other competitors. And the whole thing just makes you feel good and I go out to try to beat the men, obviously."

The 400-mile rally was won by Scotsman Jimmy McRae with co-driver Frank Maine.

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