The mother of a young Inishowen footballer injured during a match says the act of kindness shown to him by a member of the opposing team highlights the positive aspects of underage sport.

Helen Grant’s son Peter was playing for Naomh Padraig U16s against Malin last Sunday in Ture when a bad cramp in his leg forced to him to the ground when the game came to an end.

Unable to walk unsupported, Malin player Darragh McGeoghegan rushed to his aid and helped him to the dressing room along with one of Peter’s teammates.

Helen was so bowled over by Darragh’s sporting behaviour she posted a message of gratitude on Malin’s Facebook page, which the club then shared publicly to great response.

She told Donegal Now: “Peter sat down in the middle of pitch after the game because he’d pulled his leg. He got up and tried to walk but went straight down again.

“All the other players were over on the sidelines shaking hands, then the next thing this boy Darragh came over and helped him up along with Peter’s teammate Seamus Harley.

“It was a great act of sportsmanship from a fantastic young man. He’s a real ambassador for Malin and the GAA, and I thought it was important to get in touch with the club and let him know how much it meant what he did.”

And Helen said the incident had a broader message in current times, when sometimes people only see the negative side of the game.

“If something untoward had happened at that match it would have gone viral in two minutes,” she said, "so why not highlight the positives things when they happen? I think we are sometimes too hard on our young people, giving out about them and worrying that they will have no future.

“Well, I think they have a fantastic future because they all mind one another and are all caring, as what happened with Peter shows.

“These youngsters might act like macho men on the pitch and all the rest of it, but when the game was over Darragh put all that rivalry aside and came running over to help Peter.

“He’s an inspiration,  and epitomises everything that is good about our young people.”

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