There will be joyous celebrations across Donegal tonight as they have successfully defeated rivals Armagh in the Quarter-final of the All-Ireland Football Championship!

The final score was Donegal 1-12 v Armagh 1-11, it was a very close game but supporters erupted in cheers as The Hills of Donegal was played to the crowd!


Jim Mc Guinness’s men got off to a good start in the All-Ireland Quarter-Final against Armagh.

Both Armagh and Donegal were very defensive in their playing as the game got underway, but Donegal scored the opening point of the match with a free from Michael Murphy after approximately 4 minutes.

Armagh’s Tony Kernan responded with a point for Armagh after 7 minutes of play bringing it to Donegal 0-01 v Armagh 0-01.

There was a bit of scuffling then with both sides getting involved, and the crowds were quick to get riled up as they backed up their teams and Donegal were awarded a free.  

It was a rather slow start to an All Ireland Quarter Final with the score being slow to build up, it remained 1 point each after 11 minutes.

Armagh took the lead with a point from Aaron Kernan after 12 and a half minutes, making it Armagh 0-02 v Donegal 0-01.

It was still all even after 15 minutes, though Colm Mc Fadden did attempt to score he failed to deliver.

Armagh stepped up their game and caused a few problems down the right side of the pitch.

The Orchard County then took a 2-point lead over Donegal (Armagh 0-03 v Donegal 0-01) with many commentators saying Donegal may have been playing too defensive.

Odhrán Mac Niallais picked up the pace after 22 minutes with a goal for Donegal, it was then all even for a brief time but Armagh were quick to respond with a point making it all even once more - Donegal 1-01 v Armagh 0-04.

They then scored another point, taking the lead once again: Armagh 0-05 v Donegal 1-01, a good response to a goal from the opposition.

Donegal captain Michael Murphy ensured it was level playing field once more with a point in the 26th minute, making it Donegal 1-02 v Armagh 0-05.

He then brought them into the lead once more with a third point, Murphy scored all 3 points in the first half for Donegal. Neil McGee then got himself on the score sheet with their first point from play in the 31st minute, giving Donegal a 2-point lead: Donegal 1-04 v Armagh 0-05.

It was soon brought back to a one point game with a swift response from Armagh’s Kyle Carragher with just 2 minutes left to play of the first half.

Colm McFadden made up for a few missed opportunities earlier as he pushed Donegal back into a 2-point lead with a point from a free, making it Donegal 1-05 v Armagh 0-06 in the last few minutes.

Donegal maintained their 2-point lead as the first half came to an end, and they appeared to have stepped up their game.


The pace form both sides picked up in the second half in comparison to the first with the points coming quick and fast.

Armagh scored the opening point of the second half but Donegal soon managed to maintain the lead with the score reading Donegal 1-08 v Armagh 0-09 with 49 minutes played.

Both sides had clocked up numerous wides by the second half with a few missed opportunities on both parts.

Karl Lacey appeared to still be struggling from the knock he received in the first half.

It remained a two-point game for some time in the second half with no change by the 51st minute, and the weather conditions became wet and difficult. Donegal soon brought it back to a 3-point game (Donegal 1-08 v Armagh 0-09) with their goal from the first half appearing to give them a slight edge over the Orchard County.

With 12 minutes left to play Tony Kernan’s Armagh put it over the bar and the Orchard County soon got a goal of their own giving them a one-point advantage over Mc Guinness’s men (Armagh 1-10 v Donegal 1-09).

Odhrán Mac Niallais swiftly responded with a point making at all even at 13 points apiece.

Things certainly began to heat up towards the end of the second half and after Michael Murray put Armagh back in a one point lead (Armagh 1-11 v Donegal 1-10) Donegal began to panic slightly and the weather conditions certainly weren’t helpful.

Supporters from both sides began to chant and cheer in the closing minutes of the game.

Murphy equalized with just 2 minutes left to play, and the crowd erupted when Paddy Mc Brearty put them back in the lead with just moments left – Donegal 1-12 v Amragh 1-11!

The weather conditions continued to worsen making the pitch and the ball slippery.

2 minutes of extra time were added and Donegal were desperate to hold onto their one-point advantage, and they did manage to hold off Armagh!

Donegal have successfully defeated Armagh in the All-Ireland Quarter-Final! Donegal Abú!


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